Gondia district lies at lattitudes 20.39 and 21.38 North and longitudes 79.27 to 80.42 east.  The adjoining districts to Gondia are on northen side Balaghat district of Madhya Pradesh and on eastern sideRajnandgaon district of Chattisgarh state.  To the south and west are Chandrapur district and Bhandara district of Maharashtra.

The district headquarter is situated at Gondia situated on Mumbai- Calcutta railway route which is 1060 Km from Mumbai, capital of state.

Important places in the district :

1) Navegaon Bandh : 65 Km south of Gondia in Arjunimoregaon Taluka is a National Park.

2) Nagzira : 30 Km south of Gondia in Sadak Arjuni Taluka is a National Park.

3) Birsi Airport : 12 Km North from Gondia.

4) Adani Power Plant : 30 Km from Gondia at Tiroda taluka.


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