Economy and Agriculture


The main agriculture crops in the district along with the cropping period and market area is given as follows.

Type of Crops Name of Crops Cropping Period Market
Major Crops (Irrigated) Kh Paddy S/Paddy June – October Jan – May District, State, Interstate
Major Crops (Non-Irrigated) Kh. Paddy June –  October District, State, Interstate
Major Cash Crops Sugar Cane District, State

The classification of Land Holders are given below:

  • Number of Cultivators Holding Land Less than 2 Hect. — 306553
  • Number of Cultivators Holding Land above 2 Hect — 53754
  • Land holders holding land above 10 hectares — 1232
  • Total Land Holders — 248423

Industrial Developments of the District – Existing Large and Medium Scale Units

Sr.No. Name of Industry Location of Industry Type of Production
1 Adani Power Ltd, Tiroda Tiroda Electricity
2 Maheswari Solvent Extraction Pvt. Ltd. (Medium)  Laxmipur, Khamari Solvent extracted oil.

Mines And Minerals

Sr.No. Minerals Mines
1 Iron Ore Khurshipar, Dhobitola, Manegaon, Amgaon
2 Quartrez, Quartrezite Walad, Gondia, Deutola, Amgaon