Places of Interest

Navegaon National Park
The park is situated at southern part of Gondia district. It is located in eastern part of Maharashtra state and constitute area of 133.78 Sq.Km. It has great importance from nature conservation point of view. The vertibrate fauna of National park includes 209 species of birds, 9 species of reptiles and 26 species of mammals which includes Tiger, Panther, Jungle cat, Small India Civet, Palm Cavet, Wolf and Jackle.
Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary
Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary is located between Bhandara district and Gondia district of Maharashtra. It is situated only 22 km away from Sakoli on the National Highway No. 6 (Bombay – Calcutta). This sanctuary is locked in the arms of nature and adorned with picturesque landscapes, luxuriant vegetation and serves as living outdoor museum to explore and appreciate nature.
Kachargadh Caves
Kachargadh is located at a distance of 55 km from Gondia and is a popular tourist destination because of the 25000 year old natural caves situated here. Here archeologist found stone weapons were used by person of that era. It is situated in the dense forest and paradise for trekker, worshiping place for local tribal.
Hazra Fall
It is 50 km. away from the district in Salekasa Tahsil. This water fall is cascading, amidst, emerald green vegetation, good camping site. It is just 1 km. away from Railway station in Darekasa.
Padampur village is situated in the Amgaon tehsil and is the birthplace of the well known Sanskrit writer Bhavabhuti. Bhavabhuti wrote Sanskrit drama such as Uttar Ramcharita, Malti Madhava and Mahavir Charitra. A number of ancient idols have been found around the village of Padampur.
Chulbandh Dam
This is a dam, 25 km. away from the district in Goregaon Town. Rain fed water among the catchment of green hills is the atractive of dam and serene place to relax.
Dakram Sukdi
Dakram Sukdi situated in Tirora Tehsil of Gondia district is known for Chakradhar Swami Temple. Temple is situated in natural surround of the Bodalkasa Dam and his nearby hills.which is 1km away from the temple.
It is 15 km. away from the district, place of historical importance being administrative headquaters of Kamtha Zamindari(Covering most of the Gondia District) in the last century.
Suryadeo Mando Devi
Mando Devi and Suryadeo Temple is 26 km. away from the district. Mando Devi Temple is situated over the hillocks worshiped by devotee specially in ‘Navratra Festival’.
Tibetan Camp
Tibetan Camp is situated at Gothangaon and is one of the popular tourist spots. The camp is the settlement area for the Tibetans and tourists visit this place for exploring Buddhist temple and other sights of Tibetan significance.
Nagra village is located 5 km from Gondia city centre and is popular among tourists and devotees. The village is known for a Shiva temple belonging to 15th century, which is designed in Hemadpanthi technique. Moreover, there are a number of other temples in the village.
Pratapgadh is about 20 km away from Navegaon National park in Morgaon Arjun Tahasil. Pratapgad Pratapgad is a Village in Arjuni Morgaon Taluka in Gondia District. Every Year Shivrathi Festival celebrated in Pratapgadh, 3 day festival arranged by local authority. Lord shiva 30 fit high idol in present in the mountain high.