People and Culture

The total population of district is 1322635 that includes 662656 males and 659964 females (as per census 2011).  Density of Population is 253 per Sq.Km.

The tribals in the district have their own culture. They are used to perform the worships of their God “Persa Pen” and others. They do the dance “Rela” on auspicious occasions and when new crops come. Rela dance is popular dance among the tribals. The other dance is “Dhol” dance. Holi, Dashehara and Deewali are the main festivals of tribals. The tribal community is resides in the dense forest of District.

The other community peoples are having their own Festival such as Ganpati, Dashera, Diwali and Holi. In some area of the district, peoples are interested in playing a role in “Natak” or arranges the culture programes “Natak” after Diwali or on Festival days

Local Festival

Name of the Festival Period/Month
Sankranti January
Maha Shiwaratri February
Holi March
Nawaratra April
Ram Nawami April
Gudipadwa April

Local Cultural Folks : Dandhar and Gondi dance.

Languages Spoken – Hindi, Marathi, Gondi, Powari